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Please note: The watermark shown will not appear on your emblem when you upload it to the Social Club!!

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Instructions on how to use one of our GTA V emblems.

  1. Click on the </> icon below the emblem you wish to use, and we'll add the code to your clipboard.
  2. IMPORTANT: Please open an incognito / privacy window in your browser to ensure no plugins affect this operation.
  3. Log into the Rockstar Social Club in the privacy window of your browser, and create a new emblem
  4. Open up the browser developer toolbar (in Chrome, IE, Firefox or Edge press F12, or for Opera press <CTRL+SHIFT+I>)
  5. Click on the console tab, and in the console window, paste the code from your clipboard pressing <CTRL+V>. Please note: It may take a few minutes to appear, as there is a lot of code to copy.
  6. Press ENTER to automatically save the emblem to the Rockstar servers. Please note: It may take a moment or two to upload, dependent on your internet upload speed.
  7. Click on the new emblem icon at the bottom of the page, then click publish, not save!!