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What is provides a service to generate and share crew emblems for Grand Theft Auto.

Aren't there other crew emblem generators out there?

Yes there are, however, is the only crew emblem service that generates emblems using awesome retro looking pixel art instead of the usual vector curves.

How much does it cost to use this service?

Registration and usage is absolutely FREE! We'll never charge you for the use of this service.

I've got an idea to improve the service, how can I contact

That's great! We're always open to new ideas, just Click here and fill out the form!

How can I use the emblems on this website?

It's as simple as going to the Gallery page, click on the "</>" icon underneath the emblem you wish to use, copy the code to your clipboard, then log onto rockstar's social club, open your browser console and paste the code, within a minute or two, your emblem will be saved ready for use!

Can I create my own emblems?

Of course you can! Just register for a FREE account, then once you've logged in, you can upload your image, and the service will create the code you need to upload your emblem onto Rockstar's social club.

Why does my emblem have such a low resolution?

Rockstar's Social Club has a layer limit, However, we squeeze the best resolution of your image possible, whilst keeping the code under the limit! For great looking emblems, try using sprite images!